Tuesday, October 19, 2004

this will be my last entry here. so... goodbye blogspot. thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts to some other people. i'm gonna mis you. but don't worry, i will not abandon you. i'll still visit you. if it weren't for the pictures i won't go back to tabulas. you see, i'm having a hard time posting pics here because of the yadayada errors. so goodbye.

love lots,

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

oh barbie!

Barbie Almalbis came to our school today! she was super pretty and white! our batch had this talk awhile ago about the role model thingy, and barbie was our guest speaker. actually she didn't give a speech, but she only answered questions. it was like having a press conference. then after that she sang three songs:
*independence day
*inside in my head there's an army of angels song(sorry but i don't know the title)
*limang dipang tao

she sung really well! we were stunned by her mesmerizing voice! she's EXCELLENT! she's every filipino's pride! all opm are our PRIDE! yey long live OPM! mabuhay ang musikang pinoy!

oooh.. by the way she signed my diary!

happy happy!

i am happy because...
....my dad bought a digicam(instant pictures!)
....my test results are super okay
....it's our school fair next friday!
....our country is NOT yet experiencing fiscal crisis
....i am loving opm

uhh.. i think i going back to tabulas. i find it difficult to post pictures here. so godbye blogger.. i'm gonna mis you!:(

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Saturday, October 09, 2004

walang sabit di tulad ng iba
puro porma lng numan sila,
walang sabit di tulad ng iba, sa iyo ay cgurado ako
kay ayos na ng buhay ko,
alam ko wlang sbit sa iyo
kaya ito nagrerejoice na ako

eeek.. i just saw the new rejoice commercial. yeah the sandara-mtv-rejoice-commercial. grabehan..tsk.tsk.. commercial queen na c krung krung.. hehe


lauren, helena , minnie and i are our class' honeymes(honeymeis)
lauren's gummi babe
helena's cherrypop
minnie's milkshake
and i am bubblegum!


hehehe.. pero twas fun! tas after that, we talked about yan-chang! hehehe..

jologs talaga namin ni lauren!hehehehe

well.. speaking of lauren.. her birthday's this saturday na! yey!


so neways.. i've been thinking of moving back to tabulas.. because i'm having a hard time posting pictures here... lagi na lng mei error.. so.. wat ya think guys? will i go back to tabulas or stay here??

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

i got this from the internet:

  • did you know kissing is healthy?
  • bananas are good for period pain
  • it is good to cry
  • chicken soup actually makes you feel better
  • 94% of boys would love it if you sent them flowers
  • lying is actually UNHEALTHY
  • only apply mascara to your top lashes
  • its actually true, boys DO insult you when they like you
  • its impossible to apply mascara with you mouth CLOSED
  • 89% of guys want YOU to make the first move
  • chocolate will make you feel better
  • most boys think its cute when you say the wrong thing
  • a good friend NEVER judges
  • a good foundation will hide hickeys
  • boys aren't worth your TEARS

that's all i can share for now, promise i'll find more and post it here next time.

know what?

i'm back to NORMAL!

i mean the ever makulit, cheerful, maligalig, and madaldal pas is back! yey! cheers!

me and my american sister are back to our usual selves! yey!

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Friday, October 01, 2004

know what blog? i don't feel like the same PAS ANGELIE D.SANTOS today..
... i mean i am usually cheerful, crazy, noisy, makulit, maligalig and outgoing..

this two days ago...

aww... i mis my old self...

haay life...

posted at 4:27 AM

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